Trio – mini audio system with Raspberry Pi

Published: June 18, 2019

It can be said that this is my first completed DIY audio project.

I’ve called the system TRIO, since it consists of three parts. The logo design is also mine.

I had researched the options for a network player for some time, when a friend of mine gave me Raspberry + DAC, which he had never used. This was also my first “encounter” with RPi.

Essentially, the box contains an amp, based on TA2050, a four-channel selector for incoming signal, Raspberry Pi A, i2s DAC and three power supplies.

The Raspberry is connected simultaneously to one of the selector channels and to RCA connectors at the back panel, so I can also use it as a source for active loudspeaker boxes in an adjacent room.

The loudspeaker boxes are BVR acoustic design with speakers Visaton FRS8.

The boxes are made of 18mm particle board and all the interior angles have been rounded.

I’ve made a decorative MDF ring/flange for each of the speakers to make them look better. The finishing is made with oak veneer coated with Osmo Top Oil.

The assembling process was a bit tricky, especially as for the first time 🙂

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