2.1 Speaker with Raspberry Pi Zero W and Bluetooth module

Published: September 27, 2020

This is my last finished audio project.
Used drivers are Visaton W 130 X and Tandband W3-871 (with notch filters).
The amplifier is 2.1 configuration based on TPA3116. I made some mods because there were some problems in the stock version.
The PSU is SMPS300RS on 24V from Connexelectronic.
Main source is linear powered Raspberry Pi Zero W with ES9023 dac with added TCXO.
There is a separate bluetooth module.
The input selector is passive little ALPS switcher.
Main enclosure is made from 15mm plywood (the front panel on the subwoofer section is 30mm). The back enclosure on the back is made from 2mm steel.


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